CSA Terms and Policies


Box Customization

We have subscribed to Farmigo, a software program that manages CSA's. First, sign up for the season then create a personal account. Next, login to your account from our website to request vacation holds, change pick up locations, customize weekly share boxes*, and/or purchase additional items* for your box from our online store. CUSTOMIZATION IS OPTIONAL each week.

  • We chose a "Farmer's Choice" box each week

  • You will receive an email Saturday mornings telling you what will be in your Farmer's Choice box

  • You have until Sundays at Midnight to delete and/or add items from our online store*

  • Regular share boxes are valued at $17.50 per week while Full share boxes are $27.50. Spend more than this and pay online through echeck or paypal (note that if you spend less than your weekly box value you do not receive a credit).

*Subject to availability! Replacement items and additional purchase items are on a first come first serve basis. The store may be sold out, OR our availability prediction may turn out to be wrong! Maybe it is colder than we thought it would be and things grow slower than anticipated, or maybe a rogue deer outsmarts our fence and devours the crop over the weekend. Thus, we cannot guarantee customization, yet fell confident and excited about offering it.

Delivery and Pick up

  • Members MUST pick up their box within the designated pick up times for their location, or forfeit their box for the week.

  • You may request for your box to be held by midnight the Sunday before the Wednesday delivery. Your share will not be packed for that week.

  • In order to redeem your credit you must email the farm to request a double share by midnight the Sunday before the Wednesday delivery.

  • Shares are delivered in wax boxes that you are welcome to take and return the following week. You can also bring a bag to unload it. Either way please gently break down the box (without tearing it) and leave it at your pick up location.

  • Only take the box with your name on it. If there is no box with your name on it call the number posted at your pick up location.



Sign up and Payment

  • Early bird sign up for our Spring/Summer CSA begins early December and lasts until January 15th. Returning members are guaranteed a spot during this time and offered a payment plan option.

  • Sign ups for the general public for the Spring/Summer CSA begin early December and last until we have reached our maximum capacity.

  • We begin signing people up for our Fall CSA in June and close sign ups when we reach our maximum capacity.

  • Payment is due by check to Elysian Fields Farm mailed to 5925 Oakley Rd. Cedar Grove, NC 27231 or through echeck (if available) at our online store via your member login.